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Welcome to Washington State Uncontested Divorce.

Our mission is simple.  We assist people who want to avoid the time, turmoil, and expense of divorce litigation.  A Washington State uncontested divorce is the easiest and least expensive way to end your marriage if you and your can be civil and work together.

When children are involved, it is also often the best way to successfully start co-parenting after separation.  We can also handle your divorce if you are currently residing out of the state, or even out of the country, but your or your spouse remain a Washington State resident.  The same is true if you are in the military are you or your spouse are stationed here in Washington.

A Washington State uncontested divorce is not for everyone.  If you and your spouse are in full agreement regarding the terms of your divorce, however, we are here to help.  And, you will never need to appear in court.  Our experienced Washington State divorce lawyers will make sure that your case is handled right from the start.

How does it work?

The process begins with our detailed divorce questionnaire.  You fill it out and then return it to our offices.  We then draft the first set of proposed orders, which are forwarded on to you for review.  For our Western Washington clients, we typically meet with them in persona at one of our offices in Seattle, Everett, or Tacoma.  If you reside elsewhere in the state or out of the state, we typically email or mail them.

After reviewing the orders, we then discuss any necessary changes and prepare a second draft of proposed orders.  Often, this turns out to be the final draft.  Small changes or issues are typically worked out over the phone.  A final set of orders are then prepared.  After you review and sign them, you take them to your spouse.  After your spouse signs off on them, they are returned to our office.  We handle everything else from there.

At Washington State uncontested divorce, we work with our clients to ensure that all of their documents and asset transfers are properly prepared and legally binding.  Whether you have a large marital estate or small one, whether you have children or not, we can ensure that your divorce proceeds smoothly, efficiently, and without delay.

A Washington State Uncontested Divorce Is Fully Legally Binding And Enforceable.

We are often asked if a Washington state uncontested divorce has the same binding and legal effect as final orders that are entered in a contested divorce.  The answer is yes. 

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