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Washington State Uncontested Divorce Fees.

All of our Washington uncontested divorce cases are handled on a flat fee basis so long as your spouse signs off on the final agreed orders.  Every case is unique.  But our low flat fees range from $1,250.00 for a simple uncontested divorce with no children or real property up to $2,500.00 for a complex agreed case involving children, significant debts, assets and real property. 

In addition to our legal fees, you will also be responsible for $300.00 in filing fees,
ex parte fees, copying costs, and postage.  These fees are all lumped together and charged at a flat rate of $300.00.  The current filing fee is $280.00.  So, we do not make any money on these fees.  In fact we lose a little on each case.  We can do this because of the number of Washington State uncontested divorce cases that we handle every year.

Our fees are based on an estimate of the amount of time and work required to successfully complete your case given the specific facts and over complexity of your matter.  Once a flat fee is quoted and agreed upon, however, it is guaranteed.  This means that you have the piece of mind of knowing exactly how much your divorce will cost before you ever retain our services.

The only way to know exactly how much your uncontested divorce fees will be is to call and talk to one of our experienced uncontested divorce lawyers.

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